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Anonymous asked: I'm a guy and I wanna know the best way to make a girl cum
Honestly, it is different with every girl. Most girls can’t orgasm from just sex alone. Sex can still feel amazing, but they won’t be able to finish during. Learning how to properly lick a girl is one of the easiest ways to make her climax. It’s all about the “tease and please”. Start by placing light kisses on her stomach, hips, inner thighs and pubic bone. Then kiss her pussy lips. Trail your tongue lightly down her lips and up, over to her inner thigh and give it a little bite. Tease away like this for a while. Make her sigh and moan. Little noises are your tip off that she is getting turned on. Bonus points if she starts raising her hips into your face or puts her fingers in your hair. Gently spread her and trace circles around her clit for a few minutes, then slide down her slit and start teasing her. Be creative. When she starts begging for more, slide your ring and middle finger inside her hooked upwards. When you feel something spongy and a bit harder than the rest of her pussy, Congrats! That’s her g-spot. Massage that while you suck and flick your tongue over her clit. Continue and increase your speed based on her noises. If you tease her right, she’s going to squirt for you.
Hope that helps a bit.

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